John MacArthur offers resignation after being caught speaking in tongues

The famous pastor and teacher of Grace Community Church has made the shocking confession to a stunned congregation at a regular Sunday morning service.

MacArthur, 76, spoke candidly about his “deep shame” over a personal sin he has struggled with for decades and stated he has already stepped down from his role as pastor so he could “repent” and “seek forgiveness.”

The astonishing admission was met with gasps and cries of despair from the packed auditorium as MacArthur somberly made the announcement. He tearfully apologised for the “great pain” he had caused his church and vowed to turn from his past indiscretions.

MacArthur refrained from explaining in more detail the events surrounding the devastating revelation, merely saying that his secret had been “discovered”. He finished his sermon by asking for privacy in this time of “grief and soul-searching”.

Known for his passionate views regarding cessationism and in particular his scathing critique on the practise of glossolalia, MacArthur’s startling disclosure has sent shock waves throughout the evangelical world.

A member of Grace Community Church who wishes to remain anonymous has spoken of her sadness and disappointment, “This is the last thing I would have expected to hear. Of all the kinds of sin to be involved with this is probably the most devastating.”

Staff pastor Austin Duncan has temporarily assumed the leadership position until further notice. He was unavailable for comment.

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