2 minutes with : Todd Friel

DA – What can you tell us about your new project “Untethered”?

TF – Alrighty, then. Ya know those millennials? Yeah, those guys. They’re so immersed in postmodern thinking that they believe there are NO absolutes. Have you heard of that thing, er, what’s it called, oh right, truth? Yeah, apparently it doesn’t exist. Well to these guys anyway, because you see to millennials, everyone is right and no one can be a wrong-a (sic). But not just that… there’s more! What you cannot do in ANY circumstance is tell them that someone is a wrong-a (sic). What a wonderful way to live, right? NOT! If only there was a video that explains all these things in more detail, presented by a charming and handsome man… WAIT! There is? And what is it called and where can I find it? Untethered? Wretchedradio.com you say? Well how about that!

DA – Why have you been so critical of seeker friendly churches?

TF – WHY? (Pretends to talk to himself) “Is this phone working properly because I think he just asked me why!” Oh, I see, you’re playing the devils advocate. Ah, you almost got me. Well… decades ago Christians went merrily around asking unbelievers why they didn’t attend church and the survey says… “Eh, because you talk about that Jesus guy… We don’t like that… Could ya, stop…Please?” And guess what? WE DID! And look what’s happened! A generation of churches more interested in entertaining people with lasers and smoke machines than preaching the saving word of Jesus Christ. Is that a good enough a reason-a? (sic).

DA – What kind of reaction do you tend to get from kids when you visit college campuses?

TF – “Jesus. Who needs that guy?” That pretty much covers it. But when you confront them about the sin in their life and explain lovingly about their need for a personal saviour and why they must establish a relationship with the ONLY one who can satisfy ALL the desires in their life… Ding! Ding! Ding! (Whispers) “That’s the sound a penny makes when it drops.”

DA – What’s your advice for young people who have heard the gospel but are yet to commit their life to Jesus?

TF – (In a sing-song voice) “Oh, look at me! Da-da-da-da-dah, just skipping through life with my hands over my ears hoping everything will be alright if I just… (Mocks crying) Huh, huh, huh”. WRONG! I would LOVE to live an a world of rainbows and unicorns, but guess what? SURPRISE! That’s not the real world-a (sic). You see, YOU… yes you, must get your life in order by repenting and accepting that you are a WRETCHED! (Whispers) “Do ya get it?”…sinner who is in desperate need of God’s grace and forgiveness. Then, buy yourself a John MacArthur study bible and be untethered a no more-a (sic).

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