Top 5 – Tips for evangelism


1) Use a placard or sign

The placard is an absolute must for street preaching as it’s proven to be an exceptional tool in bringing the Gospel to an unregenerate public. It’s vital that you make yourself stand out from the crowd and immediately draw attention to yourself. Holding a sign or a placard will guarantee that you do both these things. Make sure to write something
provocative or even confrontational to get a dialogue started. The streets can be a busy and loud place so it may also be a good idea to bring a megaphone so that your message can be heard clearly without interruption.


2) Hand out tracts

Living in an increasingly busy world limits our chances of witnessing on a one to one basis. Using tracts is a brilliant way to overcome this obstacle and help us spread God’s word. Tracts contain all you need to know about the Christian faith in a clear and understandable manner. These can be given out in person or left in strategic places for those who are harder to reach. Then at a later point the lucky recipient will have the chance to discover the teachings of Jesus Christ and become a fully fledged Christian.



3) Car stickers

Everyone loves the idea of belonging to a secret club where members identify each other by the use of a mysterious symbol. The Ichthys fish has been used by Christians since the early church and is an enduring image that’s power proclaims the truth of Christianity to a world in need of a saviour. The simple act of sticking one of these on your car window or bumper shield works as an open invitation to the only special society worth joining.


4) Christian clothing

The clothes we choose to wear are a reflection of who we are as a person. If we’re living Christ centred lives we should desire to show this through wearing Christian themed clothing. An “I love Jesus” t-shirt or a “God loves you” top not only helps spread the word, it also shows the world that you can be a Christian and still look cool at the same time. This is a particularly good method for those who feel uncomfortable striking up conversations with strangers. One look at your Christian apparel will be enough to bring interested God seekers flooding towards you.

Christian Sunday School Puppets Christmas

5) Puppets

What’s more fun than a puppet show? Exactly, nothing! Not only do they appeal to all ages they are also an incredibly effective way of conveying a strong Christian message to an attentive audience. Puppet shows can easily be set up at a local fair or fun day where there will be a steady flow of possible Christian converts ready for the saving words of Jesus Christ. A good story can stay long in the mind and there is no better story than the birth, death and resurrection of our savior. A presentation of the gospel by colorful and fun puppets has the power to captivate the imagination of a unbelieving soul. 

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