2 minutes with: Joel Osteen

DA – Why do you think you have become arguably the most famous pastor in the world?

JO – You know, I’m for people. I believe everyone can be a success and achieve great things with their life. God wants you to be a champion and a overcomer and for some reason people from all around the world seem to respond positively to that message. I can’t explain it!

DA – Why don’t words like sin and repentance feature much in your sermons?

JO – I’m not here to judge anyone, I leave that to God. I don’t think it’s my place to put people down and make them feel terrible. I just want them to know that God loves them and has big things planned for their life.

DA – How does it feel to have the biggest church congregation in the United States?

JO – Just so blessed, I mean when I took over from my Daddy we just had an ordinary sized congregation of around 6,000 or so. But since then its just grown so much and I thank God that we now have over 16,000 show up every Sunday.

DA – How do you respond to people who criticize you for teaching the prosperity gospel?

JO – Well, I believe that God wants you to prosper in your life. I think of all the ways me and Victoria have been blessed and I know God wants to do the same with all his children. All you have to do is boldly ask God and he will reward you in ways you can’t imagine.

DA – What are your views on Gay marriage and homosexuality?

JO – You know, I believe that God accepts all people and loves us equally so it’s not right that I say things that may be hurtful. As a pastor, I’m not really here to tell you what God thinks about things.

DA – Which pastor do you most admire?

JO – That’s an easy one. Judah Smith. He is the single most Christlike person I have ever spent time with. Hanging out with Judah is what I imagine it would be like to meet Jesus.

DA – How would you describe your theology?

JO – Oh, I’m the first to admit I’m not so knowledgable about all the different theological ideas in the bible. I probably couldn’t name you all the books in the first testament or tell you how many children Jesus had, so I just try to give a positive message filled with hope about the victorious life God wants you to live. I like to keep things simple, I guess that’s my theology!

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