Sounding Off – The truth about the Catholic Church

In an age of “post-truth” where falsehoods pass for facts and confusion reigns supreme, the gospel must once again stand firm as a beacon of hope in this dark world. More than ever before we must defend the basic principles of the Christian faith with the same vigour as many great men have done before us.

The threats are plentiful and come from many angles but as always, the most dangerous threats come from within. Never is this more true than with Satan’s Church herself, Roman Catholicism. Sadly, after almost 500 years since the glorious reformation the whore of Babylon still remains the greatest form of counterfeit Christianity in the world today.

When they’re not worshiping Mary, taking books out the bible, trying to buy their way into heaven or whatever other reprobate activity they get up to, Catholics like to pretend that they are Christians. Not only that, but they have the audacity to claim that Roman Catholicism is the one true Church.

A Church that’s ruled over by Satan’s most wicked puppet of unGodliness, the antichrist himself, the Pope. A man who believes he’s the only one who can pray to God, a man who believes he’s incapable of sin and a man who thinks he sits at the right hand of our heavenly father.

Meanwhile, we know he prays to Satan, is incapable of speaking the truth and sits upon a throne of lies. Yet, there are millions of people around the world who have been deceived into believing that he is God’s representative on Earth and insist on referring to him as “my Father” and “my Holiness”, terms that are blasphemous in the extreme.

Yet to say any of these things would have you called any number of vile names from people whose hearts are hardened beyond repair. But while lies remain, we must use truth like a sword to penetrate through the evil deceptions that threaten the very core of the Gospel and its message of hope. A message Roman Catholicism hates and wishes to destroy.

I love Catholics. But if you love someone, you will tell them the truth and Catholics must know that there is no salvation in their fraudulent church. This is not about reforming or fixing Catholicism because it can’t be fixed, it’s of the Devil. God gave up on the Catholic Church long ago and its time his followers did the same.

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