Image of Virgin Mary appears on woman’s face

Hundreds of Catholics have flocked to a rural town in Puebla, Mexico after reports that an image of the weeping Virgin Mary has miraculously appeared on the face of a local woman.

The resident of Zongozotla, who wishes to remain anonymous has denied that she is the subject of a supernatural Marian apparition by claiming that her face has always looked this way.

Reports from the highland village have suggested that the unnamed woman is in fact a member of a local gang. The cause of the confusion appears to come from her teardrop tattoo which she allegedly received after being incarcerated.

Neighbors claims she has been approached constantly since a picture of her was shared on social media. A local shopkeeper Gabriella told us, “I’ve known her since she was a little girl and I can tell you she aint no saint. She’s brought no end of shame to her poor family and our community.”

Local police have confirmed that a complaint was filed by a 36-year-old woman after parishioners of the local Catholic Church camped outside her home over night in order to catch a glimpse of her face and ask for blessings.

She had earlier attempted to drive the devotees away by throwing water at them from her bedroom window. Many of the those gathered frantically threw themselves into the way of the deluge believing that the water contained some of her tears.

Bishop of Parroquia de Nuestra Senora, Esteban Fiero, is said to be considering a visit to Zongozotla in the coming days to speak directly with the local woman.

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