Ancient manuscript claims Jesus had a twin

A piece of parchment has been found in a cave in Jordan that contains the sensational revelation that could shake Christianity to its core.

The stunning find is the result of recent excavations near the Jordan River which uncovered a scrap of papyrus that makes reference to an alleged twin brother of Jesus named Ananias.

The manuscript appears to claim that Ananias was an identical twin as it describes him as being, “in the image of his brother, Jesus the Christ.” It also refers to Ananias as “the hidden brother” and the “forgotten son”.

Experts are confident the manuscript is genuine and estimate it may have been written as early as 40 A.D. which would make it the earliest known document written about Jesus. It would also mean that the existence of Ananias was known to the early church which included James, another brother of Jesus.

Scholar Bart Ehrman believes the apparent suppression of the existence of Ananias may have been due to “the fear that it would undermine the claim that Jesus was divine, if Jesus is the Son of God, who is the father of his twin, Ananias?”

The remarkable discovery may also discredit the claim the Jesus rose from the dead as Ehrman explains, “all the eyewitness accounts of Jesus appearing after his crucifixion can now be properly understood as merely a series of sightings of his elusive twin Ananias.”

The priceless 2000 year old manuscript is the first known document to record the existence of an identical twin of Jesus. Unless more information is uncovered historians will forever ask, what became of Ananias?

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