Pat Robertson causes outrage over rape comments

The controversial televangelist shocked viewers of the “700 Club” after claiming that the rise in sexual assaults across American colleges are a result of God’s judgement on women who seek professional careers.

The 86-year-old host of the popular CBN show alleged that God is using rape as a punishment for women who have abandoned their traditional role as “homemakers” and claimed that a “Godly woman should have no desires to go off to college.”

The comments were made on a segment of the show known as “bring it on” where Pat answers questions posed by viewers. The contentious remarks were in response to a worried mother whose daughter is set to enroll later this year.

Pat addressed the issue by saying, “The idea of women entering the man’s world is a ploy by the Devil to destroy America’s Christian heritage.” He added, “the science shows us that as America becomes more secular, the number of rapes are increasing dramatically.”

Pat’s blunt advice was initially met with silence before his clearly rattled co-host, Terry Meeuwsen, tried to offer support to the concerned mother. Terry suggested she “explain the potential dangers that are out there for young girls” before Pat interrupted by stressing, “they have put themselves at risk, they only have themselves to blame.”

A clearly animated Pat continued, “God can even use a disgusting thing such as rape to show his love for us. It happened in the Old Testament all the time.” He continued, “You know, they should be grateful it happens to them when they are still young as it gives them time to repent.”

This is not the first time the conservative broadcasters candid opinions have landed himself in hot water. In 2010 he claimed that the Haiti Earthquake was God’s retribution for the Haitians making a deal with the Devil during the 1871 slave rebellion.

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