Sounding Off – King James is the only way

For centuries the King James version of the bible was the universally accepted standard form of the Christian Holy book. This inspired translation was a gift from God. A gift that allowed His followers to discern the truth and live Godly lives, while equipping His church to preach His Word to an unbelieving world.

In recent years an alarming trend of thought has rapidly risen which seeks to challenge our very understanding of the scriptures. Today you will find a myriad of modern perversions which claim to be the “true” and “accurate” form of God’s written Word. This is a lie. A lie that threatens to undermine Christianity and usher in an age of false theology.

The main offender is the NIV (New International Version) which offers a dumbed down Gospel, stripped of its complexity and beauty. This corrupt translation is full of politically correct words and terminology to intentionally mislead readers over God’s stance on issues such as gender and sexuality.

As always Satan is behind this dangerous deception, of that there can be no surprise. But shockingly, this demonic attack is being carried out by undiscerning Christians deceived by the lies of feminism and so-called Gay rights. In doing so they have become Satan’s pawns in this ferocious assault against the truth.

How has this iniquity come to pass? Sadly, the fault lies in man’s sinful heart. There are biblical scholars who care more about being accepted by the liberal elite, than fear the condemnation of almighty God. They would rather identify themselves as intellectuals than as sinners. In the pursuit of magnifying their own ego, they have belittled God’s Word.

The King James bible allows God’s truth to radiate from its pages, scorching our hearts and minds with the saving words of our Lord Jesus Christ. The disturbing fact is that those who persist in reading a false bible do so in the knowledge that a compromised Gospel has less power to convict us of our sin, allowing us to live in blissful ignorance.

Those who read from a corrupt version of the bible are putting their very salvation at risk by trusting in a distorted Gospel. It’s truly grieving to think about what state the scriptures will end up in if this mutilation of God’s Word is allowed to continue. We must stop it. For there is only one King. King James. And long may he reign.

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