Top 5: Tips for Pastors


1) All are welcome

The one thing we all desire more than anything else in life is to be accepted. For too long the church has gone to great lengths to tell everyone that they are sinners and how they must change if they want to be accepted by God. And guess what? Church congregations are at an all time low. It’s time we changed our approach. After all, didn’t Jesus hang out with sinners? He did not come to judge us, but instead to bring His love and unite the world as one. And as Jesus so memorably said, “Hate the sin, not the sinner”. I think it’s time we did the same, don’t you?




2) Avoid divisive and archaic language

Nothing is more discouraging to a Christian than hearing harsh words like sin and repentance ring out from the pulpit. Old-fashioned terms such as holiness and sanctification will be met with blank stares, and quite right too! And what exactly is discipleship anyway? This is no way to grow a church. Whatever happened to hope, happiness and love? Now we’re getting somewhere! These are words that touch the very heart of an individual in ways no theological exegesis could ever do.


3) Talk about yourself

Don’t be shy, let them get to know you. Why? A strong relationship is built on trust. And trust is found in familiarity and openness. It’s important that you are seen to be relatable and transparent about your faults and foibles. No one likes a lecture delivered by a frowning know-it-all. Remember, we’re all sinners after all. A humourous anecdote or two will help your congregation swallow a dry sermon while making you look like a humble and gracious messenger of God’s Word.

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4) Preach prosperity

A good church is a seeker friendly church. Christianity has to be presented as something that will benefit your life, otherwise it won’t be seen as a viable option for unbelievers. The abstract concept of being ‘reunited with God one day’ will most likely seem undesirable to the unchurched, so an emphasis on the prosperous lives God has planned for us is a more effective method. God doesn’t want followers, He wants champions and overcomers! Christ died so that we can have a life of wealth, health and prosperity. So say it loud and proud!


5) Have your finger on the pulse

In a fast-moving and constantly changing world a good Pastor is expected to be aware of each new cultural trend. Whether it’s that crazy dance everyone’s been doing, a hilarious meme being shared everywhere on the web or a just the latest hip word, be sure you know what’s happening. Learning about the latest movie or internet sensation is just as important as knowing your scriptures. Now you can incorporate the latest fad and craze into a regular Sunday service, insuring your congregation is kept entertained as well as spiritually satisfied.


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