Creflo Dollar dies in ‘act of God’ plane crash

Televangelist Creflo Dollar has died after his private jet crashed shortly after take-off from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a bright flash before smoke and fire enveloped the plane just minutes into its maiden flight. Reports suggest a lightning strike may be to blame for the tragic accident.

Police have confirmed that Air Traffic Control received two may day calls before communication was lost. Search and rescue helicopters were deployed after debris from the plane was spotted in nearby College Park. There have been no reports of survivors.

Aviation expert Greg Olivander has spoken of his surprise to hear that a lightning strike may be responsible for the crash, “Due to huge developments in lightning-safety research and the subsequent introduction of lightning protection rules, the likelihood of a crash as the result of a lightning strike is extremely small. This was truly an act of God.”

Dollar, 55, had recently unveiled the purchase of the $65 state of the art jet which he claimed was “necessary to spread the Gospel”. He rejected claims that the money could be better spent by saying, “God has revealed to me that He will use the jet for great things.”

The funding of the jet has been shrouded in mystery after an initial attempt to raise money was dropped after Dollar received widespread criticism for asking members of his congregation to contribute in the acquisition of the plane.

Creflo Dollar was the founder of the non-denominational Word Changers Church International. With ‘Creflo Dollar Ministries’ he reached a worldwide audience of millions and was known as an advocate of the controversial ‘prosperity Gospel’. Dollar leaves his wife Taffi and their five children.


4 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar dies in ‘act of God’ plane crash

  1. It sounds so ominous. A $65 million dollar plane for a Pastor/Evangelist seems so over the top, and then to perish in it in such an unusual manner is sobering to even think about it.


  2. Thy shall not judge. Pastor Creflo Dollar was mere man trying to get to heaven. He taught and spoke the word to many and never gave up. He was a true man of GOD!! HE is with GOD and blessed I say blessed. Rest in peace Pastor Creflo Dollar with your GOD.I love you and may GOD shower blessings upon your family!!!


  3. Unless he has a twin, this article is false. He didn’t die and has been alive and kicking this whole time. It should be taken down


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