Two minutes with: President Donald Trump

DA – How important is it to protect America’s Christian heritage?

PDT – This is a big deal, let me tell you. I have had pastors and priests phone me up and say ‘Donald, you have to do something about this’ and I tell them ‘don’t worry about it, we’re going to fix this’. It’s a real priority of mine, trust me. You see what they’re trying to do with the 2nd amendment, it’s not right. And the pro-life stuff too, it’s very sad. Very sad. But we’re going to fix it, believe me.

DA – Who is your favorite person in the Bible?

PDT – I’d have to go with God. Big fan, big fan. I see a lot of myself in Him, I really do. I’m sure if we had met we would have got on real well, I firmly believe that. This guy was a great leader, maybe the best. I have to tell you, He was absolutely tremendous, he did an incredible job for His people. He wasn’t perfect, He made mistakes but He always tried to do the right thing and I respect that.

DA – Who do you believe Jesus was?

PDT – I gotta say He was so great, wonderful guy. He did so many good things for this country and the world. A high energy guy, I really like that about Him. I think He was totally on point, you know. But the surprising thing is a lot of people didn’t like Him, I never understood that. I think what happened to Him was terrible, big mistake. I’ve always said I disagreed with that. And look how things turned out, not good.

DA – Do you have a favorite Bible story?

PDT – The flood story really stands out for me. In fact, often times I wonder about some of the stuff that’s going on in the world and I think to myself ‘something big has to be done about this’, it’s got bad. So bad. You see some of the things, nobody is doing anything about it. We have massive problems, there is some terrible people out there, you know. So trust me, God knew what He was doing and honestly, I’d do the same thing.

DA – Are there any laws or practices from the Bible that you would like to see brought back?

PDT – They did some incredible things back then, you know. They knew how to deal with bad guys that’s for sure. So that’s something we’re going to look in to, definitely. I’m always happy to listen, we’ll have a look and see. I’m open-minded, I’ll do whatever it takes to make America great again. Maybe by the end of the year we’ll have something figured out. I think people are going to be very surprised, trust me.

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