McCain calls for blacks to be reintroduced into the South

Senator John McCain has urged President Trump to help race relations by officially announcing the return of the African-American into the Southern states.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal, McCain spoke of his hope that Trump would “undo some of the damage done to the Negro people” and “move America into the 21st century”.

Challenged over whether the issue should become a government policy, McCain argued it was time to “finish what Lincoln had started”. He then threatened to move to Canada if Trump continued to ignore his pleas.

McCain repeatedly dismissed the newspapers claims that blacks have been living as equals with whites for decades. He described the South as a “no-go zone for coloureds” and argued, “very little had changed since the 60’s”.

He went on to blame the Democrats for “concealing the truth” about the challenges African-Americans are facing in the Southern states while criticizing the Republicans for “neglecting our brown brothers”.

When asked it he believed the South was finally ready for peaceful co-existence between blacks and whites McCain responded, “How much longer can we wait? This should have happened a long time ago”. He admitted it may take decades before the reintegration process is completed, but added hopefully, “I’d certainly like to see this happen in my lifetime.”

His comments have been met with derision from across the political spectrum. Earlier, radio host Larry Elder had to be taken off air after he appeared to have a seizure when discussing the topic on Fox news. He is said to be recovering well in hospital.

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