Top 5 – Surprising facts about Jesus


1) Jesus was a Jew

Now we all know that Jesus was the first Christian, but it might surprise you to find out that he was also a Jew. Confusing, right? Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful white skin, not exactly your average Jew look. But according to His magnum opus, the Bible, Jesus describes Himself as a Galilean Jew born in the tiny village of Bethlehem. Not only that, He shares His birthday with another famous Christian, St Nicholas, AKA Santa Claus himself. Not bad company to be in!


2) He had a famous Dad

No one likes to live in the shadow of their old man. Especially if that old man is God Himself! Yep, Jesus’ Dad was only the creator of the universe and the most powerful man to ever exist. It couldn’t have been easy for Jesus growing up in the footsteps of someone who achieved so much and was still loved and respected around the world. Those are some big shoes to fill. How much this affected Jesus, only He will ever know. One things for sure, Freud would have had a field day with this one!

Bride Couple Groom Marriage Wedding Bridal

3) He was a bachelor

Despite being charismatic, smart and good-looking, Jesus never took the plunge into marriage. Then again, I did say He was smart! As a famous celebrity, Jesus would have had the pick of the girls from around Jerusalem. Not only that, Jesus was a bit of a bad boy in His time. Known as a cool anti establishment figure, at one point He had the Jews and the Romans up in arms over His daring views and shocking behaviour. Despite a rumoured relationship with prostitute Mary Magdalene, Jesus stayed single throughout His life. Maybe He was just too busy to be tied down!


4) He claimed to perform miracles

Not only did Jesus start-up a whole new religion, He is also alleged to have been a bit of a miracle worker. According to His memoirs, The New Testament, Jesus talks about the many miracles He performed when He became King of the Jews. Whether it was healing the sick, walking on water or turning water to wine, Jesus was one of the star attractions of His day. Think Houdini, David Blaine and David Copperfield all rolled into one. Now there’s a Vegas act we wouldn’t mind paying the big bucks to see!


5) He died in mysterious circumstances

If living a fascinating life wasn’t enough, Jesus had the most paranormal of deaths. Where do we start? Well, we know He was brutally killed by the Roman authorities for trying to overthrow their corrupt government. After being sentenced to death by rival King Herod, He was killed by the way of crucifixion. What happened next is anyone’s guess. Legend has it that Jesus came back to life three days later and went on to start a new religion called Christianity. He spent the rest of His life writing His New Testament before going off the radar for good. If anyone deserved the quiet life, it was Him!

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