Ken Ham’s Creation Museum destroyed in flood

The popular tourist attraction has suffered irreparable damage after a flash flood swept through the town of Petersburg, Kentucky.

A cloudburst saw several inches of rain fall over night causing millions of dollars worth of damage. There have been no reports of any casualties.

The flood has destroyed most of the museums exhibits while a replica of Noah’s Ark is said to be missing from the devastated remains. Authorities have declared the museum a disaster zone.

Museum founder Ken Ham has spoken of his “heartbreak” and “confusion” in the wake of the flood and asserted that he is suspicious of potential foul play by suggesting that “dark forces are at play”.

Ham, President of the fundamentalist Christian organisation ‘Answers in Genesis’ told reporters, “We have no choice but to abandon the current premises, is some places the water rose to around 8 cubits in height”.

He added, ‘What’s so disappointing is that we will have to cancel our upcoming Nephilim exhibit which we have all been extremely excited about. Ham has reassured his worried supporters by declaring that, “A new museum will be built in its place”.

The museum’s promotion of a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation has seen it become a source of controversy. The scientific community and many in the wider Christian Church have criticised what they call the pseudoscience methods employed by Ham and his associates.

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