British women forced to wear Burqa at public beaches

The Government has announced shock plans to introduce legislation which would make it illegal for women to use a British beach without wearing the full Muslim covering.

The ruling Conservative Party has unveiled the major pledge as part of their manifesto for the upcoming general election which could see women facing jail sentences if the controversial new law is broken.

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has responded to the wave of criticism aimed at the groundbreaking decision by appealing to Britain’s “proud history of tolerance towards different values and beliefs”.

Rudd urged the country to “stand together as we help the nation’s growing Muslim community integrate into British life”. She claimed the legislation would be a “victory for multiculturalism” and “ensure equality for all”.

The news comes just days after a Muslim Voice spokesperson declared that British beaches were a “no go zone” for Muslims who felt “unwelcome and excluded from society due to the offensive dress and behaviour displayed by non-Muslims in public”.

The announcement has been met with a strong backlash from potential voters as well as those in the political sphere including Nigel Farage who declared the pledge as “an affront to western civilisation” and urged the public to “show their support for UKIP in the June elections”.

The Burqa is an outer garment worm by some Islamic women. According to Islamic tradition all women must dress and behave modestly.

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