Tommy Robinson arrested for eating bacon roll

Far right white supremacist neo Nazi racist Islamophobe Tommy Robinson is in police custody after he was spotted eating a bacon roll near a mosque in Luton, England.

The police have confirmed the arrest of Robinson, known as ‘Pat MaGroin’ after they received a report by a member of the public who claimed to witness an alleged ‘hate crime’ being committed by one of Britain’s most dangerous hate preachers.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Apostle, the witness who wishes to remain anonymous spoke of her “disgust and revulsion” at Robinson’s behaviour who she claims “aggressively munched down a bacon roll” in the full view of the local Muslim community.

The gender studies student said she feared for her life when she suddenly found herself face to face with the notorious hate mongerer as she made her way home from university. She describes seeing Robinson acting “uncontrollably” in front of a group of Muslims as he “deliriously waved his bacon roll in their direction”.

The witness claims Robinson looked as though he was “high on hate” and was trying to “start a riot” as he proceeded to provoke the frightened onlookers. She feared that Robinson’s “outrageous” behaviour would cause the student to “lose control and commit a hate crime” as she tried desperately to flee the terrifying scene.

The young victim has been receiving treatment for ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ since the incident and said she was “scared to go outside when you know that there are people around like Tommy Robinson”. She has called on the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to deport Robinson as it’s “not safe having people like him walking the streets”.

Robinson is due to appear in court next week in relation to the charges. He was unavailable for comment.

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