Top 5 – times Islam got it right


1) Feminism

For fifteen hundred years the Muslim world has defended women’s rights and made many contributions to the feminist movement. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the dignified way Muslum women dress and in the modest manner in which they carry themselves in public. The Result? There has been no police reports of rape in any Islamic country ever! Let that sink in for a moment. Meanwhile in the west we have a rape epidemic! The answer? End the constant sexual exploitation of women in every aspect of society which allows men to reduce women to mere objects of sexual gratification. Now!

Banner Saudi Arabia Hand Background Peace Nation

2) Extremism

One thing Islamic nations have to endure more than any over region in the world is acts of extremist violence. Everyday innocent Muslims are attacked and killed by terrorist groups bent on destroying their peaceful existence. Yet, unlike us they refuse to blame so-called ‘radical Muslims’ or to acknowledge the supposed ideology of ‘Islamism’. Further still, while we insist in linking these acts of terror to moderate Muslims, the Islamic world instead recognises that extremism has no place in Islam. Unsurprisingly, Islamophobia is growing in the west while it remains non-existent in the Muslim world.


3) God

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the Old Testament will know that it contains a plethora of violence and brutality throughout its many books. Our concept of God and morality has been greatly affected by the odious ideas and cruel stories which permeate its blood soaked pages. In one particular horrifying passage (1 Samuel 15:1) God orders the genocide of every “man and woman, child and infant”. Compare this to a beautiful line in the Quran, “If anyone kills one man it would be as if he killed all of mankind” (Surah 5:32). I know which God I’d rather believe in. Allahu Akbar indeed!


4) Sex

Centuries of archaic Christian doctrine has warped our brains into treating sex as if it’s something to be embarrassed about. Many of us are shackled with feelings of guilt and shame when it comes to discussing sex with those closest to us. Thankfully, Islamic teachings have prevented Muslims from being burdened with such psychosis as they see sex as a normal part of family life. Sex between close family members is promoted by the prophet Mohammad several times in the Quran and has resulted in a unique intimacy which strengthens family bonds in ways we can never understand. So say yes to incest!


5) Family

It’s a great shame that for many in the west we have lost touch with our roots and any sense of family history. We seem to believe that we should aspire to move away from where we grew up and find new friends and connections. In doing so we have become a homogenous group of conformists devoid of distinctive familial ties and characteristics. As inbreeding between cousins is actively encouraged in Islam, Muslims have preserved their ancestral history and caused families to remain close. Sadly, western civilisation’s draconian views on first cousin marriage has destroyed any notion of extended family. Hot for cousin? You should be!

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