Alex Jones unveils Trump as the ‘Messiah’

The right-wing conspiracy theorist has made the extraordinary claim that President Donald Trump is the ‘second coming’ of Christ.

In a bizarre broadcast Jones announced that “humanity had entered into the end-times” and warned that a “great tribulation was now imminent”.

The controversial host urged his audience to prepare for the “rapture of God’s people” before becoming hysterical and passing out after screaming “repent” for several minutes.

The Infowars presenter had earlier made the astonishing claims that Trump was “fulfilling Bible prophecy” and said he had access to classified C.I.A documents which proved “Trump is the second coming of Christ, no doubt about it”.

Jones revealed CNN to be under the control of the ‘anti-Christ’ and said that the television network was implicit in the ongoing “great deception to turn America against Trump”. He said, “It’s sick, everyone’s involved… the Illuminati, Bilderberg, Hillary, you name it”.

He advised viewers to wear their ‘Make America Great Again’ hats to insure that they are raptured. He exclaimed, “I don’t care if you gotta glue it to your damn heads because this is serious people”. An emotional Jones continued, “This was His (Trumps) plan all along, it’s so beautiful”.

Before the programme came to an end the popular broadcaster told viewers to stock up on Super Male Vitality supplements as they await further instruction.

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