Mark Driscoll’s ‘Song of Solomon’ set for movie adaptation

The popular evangelical pastor has announced that a movie based on his controversial book about sex is to released next year.

A Facebook post by Driscoll confirmed that a screenplay of his successful ‘LoveLife Study Guide’ has been finished and that filming is due to began shortly.

Hailed by Driscoll as “the first Christian porno”, the movie will focus on the sex life of a newly married Christian couple as they explore the physical side of their relationship.

Encouraged by the recent success of the ’50 Shades’ franchise, Driscoll hopes to capitalise on the interest in erotica and offer a “wholesome Christian alternative to the seedy world of adult entertainment”.

Responding to speculation on social media Driscoll declared that it was “time Christianity met the growing need to have an adult look at sex and relationships” and claimed that Christians had no “guidance or leadership” on the issue.

He told his followers that he wanted to break the “stranglehold” that the secular world has on sex and complained that the Church has failed to stop the “complete monopoly” enjoyed by the porn industry which he argues has “distorted our idea of sex and love”.

Released in 2010, ‘LoveLife Study Guide: Mark Driscoll on Song of Solomon’ was given a mixed reception by the evangelical community with many criticising its explicit content.

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