Pastor Steven Anderson arrested with gay prostitute

 screenshot via youtube

The evangelical preacher known for his controversial views on homosexuality has been charged with soliciting a prostitute near his church in Tempe, Arizona.

The incident happened after he was initially pulled over by police for an apparent speeding offence before being arrested for allegedly offering to pay a 23-year-old African-American man for sex.

Anderson, 36, was seen by an eyewitness leaving a local gym with his male acquaintance earlier that evening. Police confirmed that both men were taken into custody on prostitution charges and have been released on bail.

The pastor has strenuously denied the scandalous claims and accused the police of harassment in a statement made through his attorney. He said the he “wholeheartedly rejects the false and repulsive accusations” made against him and vowed to “expose the corrupt police force”.

In a new post on the Faithful Word Baptist Church website, Anderson reiterated his views on homosexuality which he described as “sick and depraved”. The angry tirade also included a vague accusation which implied that he was the victim of a widespread Jewish conspiracy which sought to have him discredited and silenced.

The independent Baptist minister has been described by many as a so-called “hate preacher” and has faced a barrage of criticism from those in the Christian community. His controversial views have seen him banned from travelling to South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Anderson is due in court next week and if found guilty could face a maximum 12 month jail sentence.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Steven Anderson arrested with gay prostitute

  1. How many times do we have to see this to realize that the ones going out of their way to be outspoken and drawing attention are the ones overcompensating in an effort to hide themselves. Classic.


  2. Remove this sick attack on Pastor Anderson!! He is innocent of this perverted accusation!! This sort of trash is not funny, and you will give an account for mocking those who stand firm for God’s Word.


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