7 die as 48 hour fast goes horribly wrong


A two-day fast has ended in tragedy with 7 church goers dying and a further 12 in a critical condition in hospital.

The Baptist Bridgewater Church was holding its first annual “Fast For Christ” event when a number of its congregation began to fall ill.

It wasnt until 85-year-old organist Betty Lee had collapsed that the alarm was raised. By the time the authorities had been alerted a further six had already died and many others had to receive medical attention in the main church hall.

One of the first paramedics on the scene, Jane Pendleton, said things could have been worse had they arrived any later, “apparently the only thing they’ve had to eat or drink was when communion was taken early Sunday morning. Unfortunately most of the people were elderly and were struggling without any food or water.”

Pastor Jacob Rudd misread the deteriorating state of those in attendance thinking their behaviour was due to a lack of enthusiasm. He explains, “I had to deal with a lot of naysayers when I first proposed the idea of a fast. But after praying about it I truly felt it would bring us into a closer relationship with Christ.”

The pastor of 40 years has confessed he may be responsible for this dreadful situation, “We’ve recently started singing contemporary Christian worship songs on a Sunday. I fear we’ve incurred the swift wrath of God. We’ve been using tambourines and everything!”

Rudd is adamant his Church must respond obediently to the judgement of God, “Maybe this is His way of keeping the church in line with His Word. We’ve clearly offended the Holy Spirit with counterfeit worship and must repent before this happens again.”

All meetings at Bridgewater Church are temporarily suspended until the police investigation has concluded.

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