John Piper set to release controversial “Luther Bible”

One of America’s most well-known preachers has revealed plans to publish a new version of the bible first envisioned centuries ago by the famous reformer Martin Luther.

Known as “The Luther Bible”, it will see the removal of the books James, Jude, Hebrews and Revelation from the New Testament canon. The move has been heavily condemned for its rejection of scripture long recognised as being inspired.

Piper is hopeful that this new publication will gradually become the accepted standard form of the Christian Holy book. He told reporters, “I firmly believe the reformation is not over and this is a vital step in ensuring the continuation of the work done by so many great servants of the Lord.”

The former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church revealed that the project has been a lifetime in the making saying, “this has been a heavy weight on my heart for a long time. I’ve prayed fervently that God would guide me, keep me humble and use me to fulfill his plan for his church.”

The announcement has been met with incredulity from throughout the Christian world with the Catholic Church releasing a statement encouraging all Christians to, “seek refuge in the safety of the one true Church.”

Piper has also come under fire from fellow Protestants including Dr. James White who in a 3 hour-long video criticizes Piper for his use of the King James translation saying, “this is exactly what I expect from King James onlyists who are stuck in their closed-minded enclave.”

Piper’s ministry Desiring God are hoping to have the book available in time to coincide with next years 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation.

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